Revell Model Chevy Bison Semi Truck

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The Chevy Bison Semi Truck was a remarkable vehicle that was released in 1977 and was very popular in the 1980s.

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Plastmodeller Revell Chevy Bison Semi Truck

If you're a truck fan who enjoys building detailed models, then the  1:32 scale Chevy Bison Semi Truck is for you! With a part count of 70  and a length of 248 mm, this kit is perfect for modelers 12 years and  older who want to improve their model assembly skills.  

This model is a faithful replica of the Chevy Bison, which was  introduced in 1977. The vehicle featured a lightweight aluminum cab,  fiberglass hood and a choice of diesel engines. Although Chevy withdrew  from the heavy truck business in 1981, the Bison remains a symbol of  American truck culture. 


  • Faithful replica of the Chevy Bison semi truck
  • Easy to assemble 1:32 scale model
  • Includes a selection of detailed parts such as sleeper box, wind deflector, running lights and air cleaner
  • Chrome parts such as side mirrors and dual exhaust pipes
  • Completely new decal with factory tri-color deco options
  • Can be used with 1/32 scale Revell / Monogram trailers (sold separately)

The Chevy Bison Semi Truck kit offers you the opportunity to improve  your modeling skills and build a classic American truck model in your  own home. With its detailed parts and full decal, this kit will please  any truck fan. 

Background Information:

The Chevy Bison Semi Truck was a remarkable vehicle that was released  in 1977 and was very popular in the 1980s. With its lightweight  aluminum cab and choice of diesel engines, the Bison was a pioneer in  the truck industry. Revell, one of the leading manufacturers of model  kits, has developed this kit to revive the charm and beauty of the Chevy  Bison. With this kit you can live out your passion for modeling and  American trucks and expand your collection.

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