Revell Model B-17G Flying Fortress

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The B-17 Flying Fortress is the best-known American bomber of World War II. The last B-17G left the factory on July 29, 1945.

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Plastmodeller Revell B-17G Flying Fortress

The B-17 Flying Fortress is the best-known  American bomber of World War II. Heavy losses in 1943, when a total of  120 bombers was shot down, lead to the conclusion that previous B-17  versions carried insufficient defensive armament. As a consequence, the  front lower nose of the B-17G was equipped with a turret carrying two  12,7 mm machine guns, providing an effective defense against the feared  frontal attacks. Simultaneously, supplementary gun positions were added  to the fuselage sides. The crew now being able to defend itself in all  directions resulted in a sense of safety, which was also reflected in its nickname Flying Fortress . Although it was mainly used over Europe  and the Near East, it also delivered invaluable services in the Pacific theatre while flying sea patrol, reconnaissance and bombing missions. A total of 12.731 Flying Fortress was built of which 8.680 machines were G versions. The last B-17G left the factory on July 29, 1945. This B-17G-35-VE 42-97880 Little Miss Mischief was delivered on 23 March 1944  and served from 15 June 1944 till 4 April 1945 with the 91st Bomb  Group, 324th Bomb Squadron in Bassingbourn, England and having flown 75  operational missions.

  • Detailed surface structure with engraved panel lines
  • Detailed cockpit with side consoles and instrument panel
  • Separate seats
  • Complete bomb bay with bomb racks
  • 4 boms
  • Rotating chin turret
  • Bomb aiming equipment with seat in nose
  • Detailed radio/navigation compartment with radio boxes
  • Side windows options for machine guns
  • Rotating ball turret,- Detailed upper machine gun turret
  • Optional clear parts for front, cockpit and central upper machine gun positions
  • 2 optional tail machine gun positions
  • Separate tail fin
  • Wings can be built with landing flaps lowered
  • Cooling gills ring can be built open or closed
  • Turbosupercharger imitation
  • Separate air intake ducts
  • Separate elevator and rudder
  • Detailed undercarriage

Transfers for 2 USAAF versions:

  • B-17G-35-VE, serial 42-97880, DF-F, Little Miss Mischief , 8th Air  Force, 1st Air Division, 1st Combat Wing, 91st Bomb Group, 324rd Bomb  Squadron, Bassingbourn, UK, Feb. 1945
  • B-17G-35-BO, serial 42-31909, Nine O Nine 8th Air Force, 1st Air  Division, 1st Combat Wing, 91st Bomb Group, 323rd Bomb Squadron,  Bassingbourn, UK, April 1945

Revell Art.04283

Scale: 1:72 , Number of parts: 237 , Length: 321 mm , Wingspan: 440 mm