Revell Airbus A380 "New Livery"

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The A380 reveal will also mark the launch of Airbus' new livery. The change in livery, the first since the A310.

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Plastmodeller Revell Airbus A380 New Livery

One of the key milestones in the Airbus A380 programme took place on   18th January 2005. The world's first full-length twin-deck aircraft was   officially revealed to the world for the first time at a ceremony to  be  held in the Jean-Luc Lagardere Final Assembly Line hall at Toulouse,   France. More than 4,500 guests attended this event. The A380 reveal  will  also mark the launch of Airbus' new livery. The change in livery,  the  first since the A310. The A380 is the first aircraft to display the  company's new colours that reflect not only Airbus' current market   position but also its ambitions to pursue aviation excellence long into   the future. The 555-seat A380 passenger aircraft has a range of up to   First passenger operations are scheduled to begin in 2006 when the A380   is due to enter service. The first A380 to take to the air landed at   Blagnac international airport in Toulouse, France on 27th April 2005 at   14.23 local time (12.23h UTC) after successfully completing its first  flight that lasted three hours and 54 minutes. For its first flight, the   A380 took off at a weight of 421 tonnes / 928.300 lbs, the highest  ever  of any civil airliner to date. This maiden voyage, during which  all  primary flight test objectives were met, marks the beginning of a   rigorous test flight campaign involving five A380. The scope and rigour   of the A380 ground and flight test programme should also prepare for a   smooth entry into service.

- Structural details shown on surface, recessed panel lines
- Detailed landing gear with filigree telescopic legs and struts
- 22 wheels with finely detailed rims
- Reproduction cockpit
- Wings with separate landing and navigation lights
- Winglets
- Detailed vertical-tail unit and rudder unit
- Separate wing track fairings
- Detailed pylons and engine pods
- RR Trent 900 engines
- Separate antennas
- Super decals with new Airbus livery and extensive maintenance markings.

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Scale: 1:144 , Number of parts: 163 , Length: 504mm , Wingspan: 555mm