Italeri Model Saab JA 37/AJ 37 Viggen

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The Saab Viggen fighter has been, for years, the backbone of the Swedish Air Force. The AJ 37 Viggen is a multi-role combat aircraft.

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The Saab Viggen fighter has been, for years,  the  backbone of the Swedish Air Force. The first AJ 37 Viggen has been developed to be a multi-role combat aircraft able to perform air defense, anti-ships and ground attack missions. Later on, in order to  increase the effectiveness in the Swedish air defense system, the JA-37 "Jaktviggen" version was developed. It has been equipped with a new set  of avionics, radar and weapon system able to enhance its role of  all-weather fighter-interceptor aircraft. In terms of design the Viggen  was characterized by the adoption of the delta-canard aerodynamic  solution and it was powered by the big and powerful Volvo RM8 afterburning turbofan. Thanks to it the Viggen was able to reach the max  speed of Mach 2,1. The Saab Viggen has been progressively replaced by  the new and technologically advanced Saab JAS 39 Gripen.

Italeri Art.2785

Scale: 1:48 , Length: 342 mm